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Best Advice for You to Make Iced Coffe

Many people will drink sugary, coffee-flavoured drinks as the temperature rises.

If you like these drinks, go ahead. This isn’t some pretentious barista power-trip…

1. Select the best brewing method

There are many ways to make iced coffee. Here are three of the most popular.

Cold Brew
Iced Filter
Each method has its own flavor and pros, depending on your preference.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Cold Brew Iced coffee

Here’s a quick overview for those who are new to cold-brew coffee:

Cold brew is the process of infusing coffee grounds with cold water for up 24 hours.

Once the coffee is brewed, strain the grounds and store the liquid concentrate in a refrigerator.

This produces iced coffee with a great taste and a low acidity.

It can be used with or without milk.

The down side?

Brewing coffee takes at least a day, so it is important to prepare in advance.

Some people also find cold brew’s smooth taste a bit bland, as it lacks the delicate acidity that is extracted from hot water.

Espresso Iced Coffee

Iced coffee with espresso is stronger and punchier than cold brew.

You don’t have to brew espresso ahead of time. It tastes better when it is made to order.

You can make an Iced Latte, which is the simplest recipe.

Take a tall glass and add milk, ice, and a shot or two of espresso.

Iced coffee has a distinct advantage over hot coffee in that it tastes sharper and has less sweetness.

Because our bodies don’t perceive sweetness at lower temperatures as they do at higher temperatures.

You could compensate by adding sugar to your espresso (we’ll get there in a moment), but another tip is that you should make your espresso shots shorter for iced coffee (aka, a ‘ristretto shot).

This will change the flavour balance from bitter, edgy flavours to sweeter flavours at this temperature.

Iced Filter Coffee

Iced filter coffee is great to serve black because it preserves more of the delicate acidity that cold brew and chilled espresso.

If you take your daily filter coffee, chill it in the refrigerator, it will taste bitter and watery.

It is possible to make the coffee fresh, so it doesn’t oxidize.

We will need half the amount of water to avoid melting ice water from reducing the strength of the brew. This will ensure that the coffee you brew is the same strength as standard filter coffee when it melts the ice.

Pourover coffee brewers like the v60 can be used with 21g coffee, 150g of ice and 150g water.

This recipe can be adapted to fit any size brewer. Use 1 part coffee: 7 parts hotwater: 7 parts ice.

This method works well for keeping the delicate flavours in lighter-roasted specialty coffees if they are brewed black. However, it is not ideal for mixing with milk or any other ingredients.

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2. Choose the best coffee

As I mentioned earlier, the body doesn’t see sweetness at lower temperatures as well as at higher temperatures.

Some coffees will be great when hot, but bitter when cold.

A light or medium-roasted coffee will yield the best results at a lower temperature. Dark roast coffees will need more sweetness to avoid it becoming bitter and smoky at lower temperatures.

If you are looking for specific varieties, I recommend searching for single-origin or blended ‘natural’ or honey coffees. These varieties are delicious cold because of their pleasant chocolatey and fruity sweetness.

Some roasters have special blends that taste best when cold, such as our cold brew mix.

There are no set rules. The delicate acidity of a freshly brewed filter coffee can make it really delicious.

3. Sweetener secrets

People like a little more sweetness in their iced coffees, especially if they are made with espresso coffee.

Normal sugar will not dissolve in cold liquids so it is best to make simple syrup.

This is how simple syrup works:

1 cup boiling water
1 cup raw sugar
Mix them together
After it has cooled, place it in the refrigerator and add half a shot to your iced espresso.

Raw sugar is more balanced than regular white sugar, according to me.

You can sweeten your iced tea with sweetened condensed milk or take a cue from Vietnamese iced tea.

It’s sweet and creamy, almost like melted ice cream…speaking of Ice Cream…

4. Alternatives to Ice

Adding ice cream to coffee is nothing new, think of the classic Affogato.

Ice cream can also be used as a substitute for ice cubes when making iced coffee.

It is one of my favorite ways to use it, making a cold-brew spider (or floating for non-Australians).

Mix 1 part cold-brew concentrate with 1 part sparkling water (or a tonic) and 1 part vanilla ice cream.

You can also freeze your coffee in a tray, as an alternative to regular ice cubes.

These cubes can be added to iced coffee to enhance the flavor

This way, coffee becomes stronger when it melts.

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