Choose A Comfortable Sofa Bed For Better Sleep

Sofa beds are a useful piece of furniture that can be used to provide additional sleeping space without having to sacrifice your existing seating options. A sofa bed is a great choice for small spaces and hosting guests.

There are some things to consider whether you are looking for a sofa bed that you can use every day or one that you will use occasionally. There are many options available and it can be confusing to choose the right one.

This guide will help you choose the right sofa bed for you.

These are the key questions to ask.

There are so many options for sofa beds, it is important to know what you want before you shop. This will ensure that you buy the best sofa bed and save you time and effort. To narrow down your search, consider the following questions.

What is the purpose of your sofa bed?

There are many reasons to buy a sofa bed. However, it is important to consider its function when choosing the right one.

If you are looking for a Chesterfield bed that you can use daily, or even every day, then you should ensure it provides maximum comfort and support. You might need a sofa bed for everyday use if you have a small bedroom, or if you are preparing your home to welcome a long-term guest.

However, if you only plan to use your sofa bed as a bed occasionally, it is important to ensure that the comfort level as a seat is high. This may be more important if you are looking to add a second bed to your home or host guests only occasionally.

Sofa beds are known for being less comfortable than sofas and dedicated beds due to their mass production. If you choose to invest in a quality handmade sofa bed, you can get the best of both worlds. This will allow you to cover all the bases that we have just mentioned. This guide will show you what to look out for in a quality sofa mattress.

Which room is your sofa bed going into?

You should also consider the space you are buying the sofa bed for. This will impact the style and size of your choice.

You will need to find a model that fits comfortably if you are looking to buy a bed for a smaller room, such as a study or spare room. To ensure your room isn’t crowded, you might choose a single couch bed or futon. You might be able to use a larger double couch bed with something such as a living room sofa or one that is located in the master bedroom.

You may also have to consider where your sofa bed will be placed. This can impact the design choices that you make when shopping for a new sofa bed. If you have modern decor, you might prefer a more contemporary style, while a classic home will need a more traditional sofa bed. You can also find Chesterfield sofa bed that will work well with any interior. This makes them an extremely versatile option that can be matched to your home, no matter how many times you change it.

It’s important to measure the space where you want to place your sofa bed. Also, make sure to consider the dimensions of the bed once it is fully extended. Timeless Chesterfields has all of our sofa bed dimensions listed on the product page. Our sofa measuring guide can also be helpful in determining the size of your home.

Which size sofa bed would you like?

Consider the size of your sofa bed. It’s important to consider this because it’s difficult to find a bed that isn’t right for you. Consider who will be using it, and what they might need from a regular mattress. Are you a host of house guests? Do you plan to put the sofa in your spare room so your taller child or son can come over? A larger double couch bed is better. A single couch bed might be the better option if you are looking to add a bed to your home.

Also, consider the size of your sofa bed when choosing a seating option. You’ll want to make sure it’s big enough to comfortably seat you and your family. You don’t have to worry about how much space you can provide for everyone if the sofa is going in your spare room. This will help you choose the best sofa bed for your home.

What are the main types and uses of a sofa bed?

There are many types of sofa beds. While each provides a comfortable sleeping and sitting experience, there are differences in the way they convert. Some may be better suited for your specific needs than others. There are many options available and it can be difficult to choose the right one. Below, we have listed the most popular types to help you get started.

Sofa bed with pull-outs

A pull-out sofa bed is what you might think of when you think about a sofa bed. Although they look similar to a sofa bed, a spring-loaded, folded cushion is hidden in the base. It can be accessed by removing the cushions and pulling on the handle. This creates a bed that is fully supported by legs and frames, which can be very comfortable for a good night’s rest.

This sofa bed has a major advantage: it can be used as a bed or a sofa. They have both full-depth sofa cushioning and a fully supported mattress. They can also fit larger mattresses into the base of the sofa bed, as they can be extended to the length of a sofa. They can also be used as a permanent addition to your home decor, since they are exactly the same size as regular sofas when they are stowed.

A pull-out sofa is the best choice if you are looking for extra sleeping space that lasts forever.


A futon is a wooden or metal frame that has attached cushioning. It can be folded into a flat sleeping surface, but it also forms a sofa. The hinge allows the back rest to be moved horizontally so it can sit alongside the base. The attached cushion acts as a mattress. These bi-fold futons can also be tri-folded, which provide a foot rest when standing upright and additional sleeping space when lying flat.

Futons have the greatest advantages: they are light, portable, and easy to transport to wherever they are needed. They are generally less comfortable than a full-size pull-out sofa bed because they have less suspension and cushioning. A futon’s casual appearance can also make it difficult to match the home’s decor. A futon is a small, informal option for apartments with small spaces.

Clic-clac sofa bed

A clic-clac sofa bed offers many of the same benefits as a futon but with better seating options. Although these sofa beds come in a variety of sizes and designs, almost all feature a mechanism that locks your backrest into place beside the seat. This creates a flat sleeping area.

Clic-clacs can be used for occasional sleeping and can be easily moved around your home. Clic-clacs are a chair, so they offer a more comfortable sitting experience than a futon. However, the comfort levels of a pull-out sofa are not as comfortable as one made from quality leather. This is due to the lack of suspension and thinner cushions. Clic-clacs are similar to a futon but have a more casual design that can make them difficult to fit into certain living spaces.

Day bed

A day bed is a type sofa bed that has a mattress and a metal or wooden frame. The frames are usually placed around the sides and back of the bed to imitate a chaise longue . A linkspring is a system that combines mesh and cross supports to support the mattress. Most of the time, the mattress can be used as a sofa or bed. However, some models have a pull-out Trundle that allows you to make additional beds or expand your sleeping area.

A day bed is best if you are looking for a sofa bed that can be used for sleeping, and not just for recline or lying down. They won’t provide the same support for sitting as a pull out sofa due to their metal or wooden backs. A day bed with a linkspring system will not be able provide the same support as a fully sprung sofa bed.

How to find a high-quality sofa bed

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a sofa that you will use for sleeping, or one that you won’t convert very often. Knowing what you need is key to finding a high-quality piece of furniture. It is important to find the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. You also need to invest in a sofa that will last for many years.

We’ve compiled a list of key features to help you choose the best sofa bed.


A sofa bed’s frame is an important component. It provides support for sitting and sleeping. The frame is essential to ensure that your bed stays in good shape for its entire life span.

If you are looking at a sofa bed, be sure to check the material used in the frame. This is an indicator of poor quality. Hardwoods are the best, as they are strong and durable enough to withstand regular use. However, mass-produced models will likely have metal frames or soft wood frames that are less expensive.

You should also find out the method of construction of your sofa bed frame. This can be an indicator of its quality. A solid sofa bed frame is made by hand using solid jointing. A cheap one will likely have been assembled on a machine with metal staples, which can lead to a weaker frame.

Timeless Chesterfields uses beech hardwood for the frames of its sofa beds. This timber is known for its strength and endurance. For extra rigidity, all joints are hand-dowelled, and then glued manually. This ensures that everything will remain exactly where it needs to be for many years. To ensure that every frame meets our high standards, we also check them during production.


When evaluating the quality of your sofabed, it is important to pay attention to the opening and closing mechanisms. This directly impacts the comfort and reliability of the bed. Your piece should be capable of converting from a sofa to bed with minimal effort. A poor-quality mechanism could cause this to not happen.

The bed section should be easy to lift and pull out. There should also be no squeaking, crunching or other indications that something is wrong. You should inspect the inside of the mechanism for any sharp edges or points. These could cause bed sheets to become damaged or even cause injury. Your sofa bed should be secure and lock in place as either a bed or sofa. This will ensure that you are able to sit or lie down comfortably.

Timeless Chesterfields uses a reliable opening and closing mechanism to make our sofa beds. It is fitted inside our hand-crafted furniture to ensure smooth operation every time. For strength and durability, our bed mechanisms are constructed from tubular steel frames. They will last for the life of your sofa.

Mattress and cushioning

Cushioning is an important part of any sofa. It provides support and allows you to sit comfortably for hours. A sofa bed requires a high-quality mattress to ensure a restful nights sleep.

Foam is the most common cushion filling material for sofas. However, not all foams are equal. Most mass-produced sofas will use lower density materials that are filled with air bubbles. They are less resistant and can lose their shape more quickly than high-density foam.

Premium foam cushioning will give you more comfort, but a high-quality sofa bed will use it. Timeless Chesterfields uses high-density foam for maximum support and resistance when you sit. Our sofa beds are also more durable than cheaper models, and they last longer.

Your sofa bed’s mattress is just as important in providing support and comfort for your sleep partner. As with the cushioning, cheap models are often made in a mass-produced manner and have poor build quality. Make sure you inspect any bed that you’re thinking of buying. You want to be comfortable when you lay down. No bars, slats, or coils should dig into your back. While a memory foam mattress or fully-sprung mattress are good choices, many people find foam can heat up due to lack of breathability.

Timeless Chesterfields’ sofa beds feature fold-out mattresses that are fully spring-sprung with high-quality interior springs. This ensures maximum comfort and airflow. You can rest assured that your guests and you will be able to sleep comfortably with a mattress thickness of 4 inches over a slatted foundation.

Material to cover

The material you choose for your sofa bed covers will affect the overall look and feel of the piece. Your covering should be durable and easy to clean. There are many options for coverings, and each one can be of varying quality.

Leather sofa beds have a classic look, are durable, and are easy to clean. It is important to verify that the covering is genuine. Poor faux-leather, “genuine” leather and split leather are all common options for sofa manufacturers. These leathers don’t possess the same characteristics as premium hide. Our leather sofa purchasing guide will help you choose the right leather.

There are many fabrics that look great on a sofa, such as wool, linen and tweed. These fabrics are durable and easy-to-care for, making them an excellent choice for your piece. However, just like leather, different fabrics have different qualities so it is worth researching your options before you buy a fabric couch bed. Our fabric sofa purchasing guide will help you make the right choice.

Timeless Chesterfields only uses the best sofa bed covers. Our extensive range of leathers and our exceptional fabrics are all hand-picked by our skilled team. Our team is happy to work with you if you have a specific leather or fabric in mind.

How to care for your sofa-bed

You now know what you should look for in a sofa bed. Now it’s time to search for the perfect piece. It’s important to learn how to maintain your bed to ensure it lasts. We’ve listed some top tips below to help you get started.

Learn more about specialist cleaning requirements

You should research how to clean your sofa bed’s cover, regardless of whether it is made from leather or fabric. Also, take into account any special care requirements. A leather sofa bed, for example, will need conditioning and buffing in order to preserve its sheen, and a velvet sofa mattress will need to be brushed to keep it looking fresh.

We have a leather and fabric couch care guide to help you clean your sofa. This advice can be put into practice using one of our leather or fabric cleaning kits. These contain everything you need to maintain your sofa bed in its best condition.

Regularly clean your sofa bed (inside and outside)

It is best to clean your sofa bed on a regular basis, and immediately take care of any spills. You can vacuum almost any type of sofa with a soft brush attachment. Then, dust it with a cloth to remove any crumbs or debris.

It is important to keep in mind that a sofa bed can have more places than a regular sofa due to its internal mechanism. You will need to remove all sofa cushions and clean the interior of your bed.

Air the mattress after you have turned it upside down

Rotating and airing your mattress regularly is a great way to keep it in top condition. This also applies to the one attached at the fold-out.

It is best to dry it with no sheets at all, at least once per week. This will help prevent dampness or lingering odors. By rotating and flipping your mattress, you can ensure that pressure is applied equally to all areas when you are sleeping on it. This will prevent any dips or uneven surfaces from developing. Rotate your mattress at least once a year.

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