Every Chicago’s Weed Dispensary That You Should Know About

While the epidemic has certainly been a disaster for many companies throughout the world, the weed industry in Illinois continues to thrive—in fact, weed sales in Illinois will surpass $1 billion in 2020. With ongoing high interest and a city slowly emerging from lockdown this spring, it appears that nothing will be able to stop the green gravy train from speeding ahead. Chicago has added two additional dispensaries to its fleet this year (on top of the five we got in 2020), bringing its total to 17 businesses in the city and another 46 in the surrounding suburbs (see the complete list of Illinois’ 100+ facilities here).

Here’s a list of every recreational dispensary in the city where you can find a natural solution for whatever ails you, from stress relief to boredom relief. If you can, order ahead for timed pickup to reduce touch and stay on top of buying limitations and other key details here. Masks are required inside all Illinois dispensary facilities by state law.


North River

When this local outpost opened its doors this spring, River North welcomed its newest marijuana dispensary. It’s the third site in online dispensary Canada parent business PharmaCann since 2020, following operations in Rosemont and Galena. This tidy shop’s 211-product collection of candy, resin cartridges, popcorn, and more will get you “veri thrilled” (as they so humorously phrase it).
Natural high in the area: RPM Seafood serves an al fresco feast with breathtaking riverfront views to round out your shopping experience.

GreenGate Chicago is a non-profit organization that promotes environmental

Rogers Park is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

This long-running medicinal clinic was just granted permission to serve recreational consumers, meaning their 317 products are now available to regular stoners. The company prides itself on customer service and offers a wide range of products from the state’s top cannabis companies, like Verano and Cresco Labs, as well as family-owned farms like Nature’s Grace & Wellness.
Nearby natural high: Bring your belongings to Jarvis Beach and lost yourself in the crashing waves if bright skies and sandy shoreline are your thing (figuratively, of course).


River North & Lakeview

Sunnyside is the retail branch of Cresco Labs, Illinois’ largest marijuana operator and one of the country’s top cannabis enterprises. Chicago is home to two of its nine Illinois locations, including the original orange-and-white-walled Lakeview branch, which is just steps away from Wrigley Field. When the firm built a second Sunnyside in River North in 2020, it brought cannabis to the posh neighborhood. Consider this one-stop-shopping for all things cannabis, with one of the widest options on the market and quality grow facilities.
Wrigley Field, for example, is a nearby natural high. Metro? Is This Uncommon Ground? Quality entertainment is right at your fingertips, no matter how you’re feeling.

33rd Dispensary

One of Chicago’s most well-known cannabis businesses is also one of the city’s most popular. The pleasant Uptown location features thoughtful touches including a relaxing nature motif and beautiful sketch art. And their zeal for the good green is palpable—as Chicago’s “most passionate” dispensary (in their words), they’ve amassed legions of ardent supporters since debuting as a medical facility in 2015. Do you recall those times? Reminisce while you light one up. Dispensary 33 has a second location in the fashionable Fulton Market, bringing the activity closer to downtown.
If Hopleaf’s recently renovated beer garden doesn’t pique your interest, check out what’s going on at the always-eventful Chicago Magic Lounge.

Modern Cannabis Art (MOCA)

River North & Logan Square

This hip, loft-style Logan Square hotspot, run by the owners of the local Emporium arcade bar franchise, is recognized (during normal hours) for its educational programs, cannabis markets, and other community-focused initiatives. The lively and colorful space is not only stocked with top-quality product, but it also stands proudly as Chicago’s largest recreational dispensary. MOCA is also behind a second location in the buzzy River North market—the lively and colorful space is not only stocked with top-quality product, but it also stands proudly as Chicago’s largest recreational dispensary.
Nearby natural high: The potential for a full night of Skee-ball-fueled excitement between Slippery Slope and Emporium Logan Square is off the charts.

Chicago Marijuana

Brighton Park is a park in Brighton, England.

While there aren’t as many aircraft departing from Midway these days, traffic continues to flow to this Southwest Side jewel, which is less than three miles from the airport and has a lobby spacious enough to handle a reasonable number of people in the social-distancing age. Maribis is known for posting offers and specials on Leafly on a regular basis, and the company also has a second location in Springfield, so stop by after your next class field trip.
Nearby natural high: After picking up your loot, go next door to Leon’s Barbeque to round out the experience.

Columbia Care Chicago is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing

Jefferson Park is a park in Washington, D.

Columbia Care is a large-scale worldwide operator notable for introducing the country’s first legal credit card for cannabis transactions, with 37 sites across 12 states plus Washington, DC. Take a moment to admire the store’s elegant black and white minimalist design while browsing recreational treats like face mints, gelatos, CBD drops, and pre-rolled dogwalkers, which are all located near the Jefferson Park Blue Line. They’re also the brains behind a Villa Park outpost.
Gale Street Inn, with its stately decor and great burger, is a nearby natural high that has your back when it comes to post-perusing carry-out alternatives.

South Shore Mission

Chicago’s South Side

If you like marijuana and live on the Southeast Side, you’re definitely already familiar with Mission South Chicago. The shop, which is just over the Indiana border, attracts both out-of-staters and committed residents who come to stock up on everything from tablets and tonics to water pipes and suppositories in a clean, judgment-free environment. Mission has five dispensaries spread across three states, as well as a second Illinois site in adjacent Calumet City.
Nearby natural high: There are plenty of places on the South Side worth a long stay. Take a look at our professional recommendations.

Herbal Care Center (HCC)

University Village is a community of students, professors

Chicago’s top-rated dispensary is known for taking good care of its customers in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere decorated with comfy sofas and splashy wall art, boasting one of the state’s largest and most extensive product collections. Pre-order edibles, vapes, extracts, pre-rolls, tinctures, and more online or come in to browse their selection. In case you were wondering, the company was just purchased by Verano Holdings, a Chicago-based cannabis conglomerate, and is now known as Zen Leaf.

Natural high close by: The dispensary is conveniently located to EL Ideas, one of Chicago’s best restaurants, so make it a date night quarantine two-fer with dinner and pot to-go.

Dispensary in the Middle of the Road

Garfield Ridge is a fictional town in the United States.

This dispensary would be parked in the gift store next to Hudson News if it were any closer to Midway Airport. This Garfield Ridge dispensary, just three blocks north of the airport, has a large selection of disposable vapes and cartridges, as well as candy, beverages, and other tasty consumables. In 2016, Midway became one of Chicago’s first medicinal dispensaries, before expanding to recreational in late 2019. Please don’t try to bring any on the plane.

Nearby natural high: If you’re in the area, stopping by Villa Rosa Pizza, a local institution, is never, repeat never, a terrible idea.

Consume: The Windy City

Norwood Park is a neighborhood in Norwood, New York

This basic dispensary, tucked away in quiet, family-friendly Norwood Park, is the ideal spot to nerd out on the specifics of your flower strain’s cannabinoid and terpene profiles or pick up strong extracts like crumble cronuts. Consume also has a second Chicago-area location (one of four in the state) in Oakbrook Terrace, in the far west suburbs.
Natural high in the area: Consume: Superdawg, Chicago’s famed old-school hot dog vendor, is also based in the city. Grab some cannabis, a Chicago dog, and head across the street to the Caldwell Woods Forest Preserve. There are worse ways to spend a Sunday than doing this (or any other day).

Windy City Cannabis Club is a cannabis club in Chicago.

Goose Island is a small island off the coast of

Because, of course, this amusingly titled dispensary is located on Chicago’s Weed Street. Aside from the coincidental names, the strategically placed business is one of six Windy City Cannabis Club locations in the Chicagoland area, and it was recently acquired by publicly traded cannabis company Curaleaf. During your allotted pick-up window, shop online and enroll in CanPay for contactless transactions.
Nearby natural high: Local attractions include Joe’s on Weed, a strip club, and an Apple store, so you’re covered quite well.

The Nature’s Care Company is a non-profit organization that promotes environmental

The West Loop is a neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois

This tiny hideaway boasts a surprising amount of merchandise given its size, including chocolate flights and hash cookies, as well as their own brand Innocent and, believe it or not, some very great fanny packs for displaying your stash in the most bizarre way possible. The other (and original) location of Nature’s Care is in Rolling Meadows.
Nearby natural high: If the munchies strike, this business is conveniently located near Lone Wolf and Little Goat Diner, as well as the rest of the West Loop’s Restaurant Row big hitters.


Corridor of Clybourn

This company, which used to be known as NuMed, claims to be pushing “a new era of cannabis” that is “safer, higher quality, and available in more product diversity than ever before.” I mean, you can’t really argue with that, can you? They also have locations in Urbana and East Peoria, both in Illinois.
Natural high in the area: This no-frills dispensary is located across the street from Exit, Chicago’s famed late-night punk bar/den of poor decisions, as well as other popular local hangouts like The Hideout and Ada Street. You are free to do whatever you want with that information.

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