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Are you searching for the best Instagram growth solutions to increase your reach and presence on the app? Well, there is no doubt about the fact that a successful online presence cannot be assured without Instagram.

One of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, it has one of its highest user counts. Not just this, the platform has slowly emerged as one of the best for the growth of businesses of all genres today.

Growing your Instagram presence can open doors for many people, whether you are a brand, business, or individual. Professional assistance is essential to achieve these goals.

Our task is easier now that there are many Instagram growth services available. We’ve tried to find the best Instagram growth services that will help you grow organically and increase your following.

Here are the top 15 Instagram Growth Services available online.


There are many Instagram growth companies promising multiple things, so it is important that you filter out the fake ones. Kicksta guarantees that you will not be spammed or manipulated when you grow. Kicksta only delivers genuine followers to your basket, making it stand out from the rest. is an Instagram Growth Service that is extremely popular. This platform uses AI technology to connect and map potential Instagram followers.

Kicksta requires that you provide information about your niche when signing up. This information includes your competition, your targets, complementary brands, and your expertise, among other things.

The platform engages actively in targeting relevant accounts to help you grow. It “kickstarts” the process of liking and following others to get the same back for you.

To boost organic growth for Insta, you can choose between standard or premium plans. However, we recommend that you go with the premium plan to get all the benefits.

These are the cool features that make Kicksta an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • Organic growth guaranteed
  • Monthly short-term commitments
  • AI technology for active engagement


Ampfluence, as the name implies, is the best place to visit if you want Instagram to grow your influence. This platform promotes organic growth through social media platforms.

It promises a “100% human-run services” which means that there are no spams or bots. You can be sure that your investment is hitting the right targets.

Ampfluence starts with simple questions about your account and your vision. You might have short- and longterm goals for your Instagram presence.

Ampfluence now begins to look for the right people for you. Ampfluence, however, is slightly more costly than other options on the list.

These are the cool features that make Ampfluence an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • Genuine and organic Instagram growth
  • Smart targeting and engagement techniques
  • All-round email support

Tree Frog

Tree Frog is one of the best Instagram growth services. Tree Frog will help you grow your Instagram followings and engagements by focusing on your niche. Tree Frog will provide names for similar accounts to yours, and then they’ll start advanced targeting.

Tree Frog’s hassle-free service is what makes it so great. It takes only minutes to sign up for their platform. It is also very easy to give the required information.

Although growth can be slow, it is organic and long-lasting. There is no need to be concerned about fake followers or bots being given to you. This will strengthen your presence on social media and increase engagement.

These are the cool features that make Tree Frog an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • Totally organic Instagram growth guaranteed
  • There are no long-term commitments required
  • Sign up is easy
  • It can be used to both Instagram and Twitter


We often wish we could have a social media manager to help us grow our accounts. This is exactly what Social Captain offers. SocialCaptain’s Instagram marketing tool is AI-powered and has an incredibly high reach.

Your only responsibility would be to fill in data about your competitors, targets, niches, and locations. Social Captain will then be able to create a plan and approach that is suitable for you. Social Captain spends time connecting with target followers via direct messaging to foster positive relationships.

Social Captain’s best feature is the 30-day free trial. This allows you to test it before you decide whether or not to invest in their plan. You can then choose from a variety of plans once you’re sure that you want to invest your money on the platform. Although there are no long-term commitments, you can choose to make them. You can choose from weekly, monthly or annual packages and each one comes with increasing discounts.

These are the cool features that make Social Captain an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • Flexible plans available
  • Try it free of charge before you buy
  • No fake followers, organic growth
  • For positive relationships, direct engagement with the targets


Combination is the best package for Instagram’s organic growth. It not only allows for engagement with followers, but also provides great content strategy tips as well as post-scheduling support.

Combin is a virtual assistant that will guide you through your social media efforts from head to tail.

The organic growth tool functions exactly the same way as any other website in this list. You get content and audience management as an added bonus. It’s possible to keep track of accounts that haven’t followed you back recently or who don’t follow you back.

You can also use their automated tasks feature to save time on repetitive actions like direct messaging, content post, and commenting.

These are the cool features that make Combin one our top-rated Instagram growth services:

  • Management of content and audience
  • Automated bulk operations
  • Trial for free
  • Available for short-term and long-term commitments


Upleap is another platform that allows you to interact with a virtual manager for social media. It is true to its name, it allows you to soar up and make huge leaps in social media marketing.

Their marketing skills are evident by their guarantee that only real accounts will be engaged. The platform boasts a 300% higher engagement rate with their audience.

Upleap ensures that you have the right hashtags, appropriate accounts, and interesting content to make your venture the next big thing on Instagram.

Although the trial is only for three days, it offers a free trial to give you an overview of their intelligent targeting strategy. Upleap is a great option for anyone looking to increase their Instagram engagement with genuine followers over time.

These are the cool features that make Upleap an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • Instagram guarantees organic growth
  • Virtual customized social media account manager
  • Get a free trial to see how the platform performs
  • Automated features that save you time


HypePlanner makes it easy to work with. HypePlanner’s Instagram growth tool is highly praised for its many features and automated approach. You don’t need to do anything extra to achieve your growth goals once you sign up.

HypePlanner starts by getting information about you, your niche, and your ideal audience. Then, they provide amazing suggestions and a plan for how to move forward. They keep their promise of 24-hour customer support. If you aren’t satisfied with their work, you can get your money back.

HypePlanner’s amazing features are not the only reason we can’t rank it as the number one. Its pricing is also a bit high. The service is loved by many people around the world.

These are the cool features that make HypePlanner an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • For potential targets, extensive research is required
  • Genuine followers can help you grow your Instagram account organically
  • No long-term contracts; renew monthly

Firing Table

Firing Table offers a variety of features that are different from others. The platform provides a personal social media manager who will visit you to learn more about your goals and business. The platform provides face-to-face support and assistance, which is an added benefit in today’s virtual world.

These are the cool features that make Firing Table an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • For guidance and support, contact your personal social media manager
  • There are no extra steps – the manager takes care of everything right from the start
  • Pricing that is pocket-friendly

Viral Race

Viral Race cannot be combined with the other Instagram growth service services in this listicle. It still deserves to be mentioned because of its outstanding performance in Instagram marketing and growth. The platform, unlike other platforms, is more focused on likes than followers.

You can be sure that likes aren’t spam or bot generated. These are genuine users, and they have been reached before your post was published.

You can decide how many likes and comments you want to put on each post so that your profile looks natural. Your goal is to make your Instagram posts viral and gain more and more attention over time.

These are the cool features that make Viral Race an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • Rapid and automatic liking, views, and popularity
  • Posts adjustable according to your wish can have genuine likes
  • All-round customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • There are no long-term commitments. You can renew your contract on a monthly basis.


BigBangram’s unique offering of six-in-one service delivery is what makes it stand out. These six services include automatic followers, likes and comments as well as direct messages and posts to your account.

This is why you get a complete package. This package includes direct and indirect engagement with your target audience, as well as content management and scheduling.

These are the cool features that make Viral Race an excellent Instagram growth service:

  • A variety of plans are available depending on your preferences
  • Automated content management and publishing
  • Additional features include comment tracking and posting module

Social Sensei

Social Sensei is a platform that can be used for Instagram, as well as other platforms such YouTube, Pinterest and Tumblr. You can expect genuine, organic growth on Instagram with the platform. No bots, software or spams are involved.

Social Sensei is only for long-term plans. Each customer receives a social media account manager to take care of all your needs.

Your personal manager will also help you create a long-term, one-on-one outline of your goals. Social Sensei offers a complete package that includes content strategy, creation, followers, likes, and more.

These are the cool features that make Social Sensei an excellent Instagram growth service.

  • Organic growth that is guaranteed
  • Personal social media account manager
  • True followers
  • Advanced targeting approach
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