Haunted houses: How did this haunting Halloween tradition get into our heads?

Haunted houses are a well-known Halloween tradition that features pitch-dark rooms, creepy sounds mixed with horror shrieks, and a feeling of being surrounded by something.

One of my problems has been that I have never felt safe enough to undergo terror-inducing tours.

Scariest haunted house in Ohio can be enjoyed every year for those who like to feel scared.

There are many haunted attractions in the United States. Now is the best time to make plans for a Halloween visit.

The haunted house’s history

Paranormal activity can be found from ancient times to the present, according to Owen Davies, a BBC HistoryExtra contributor and paranormal historian who spoke to USA TODAY.

Davies stated that “the vast majority of people who die in their homes are killed,” and added that there have been many ghost stories over the centuries.

He explained that the home was where the deceased were mourned and where many memories of their presence remained.


You can visit real haunted places any time of the year, not just on Halloween

These haunted locations are great for those who want to be truly scared. Keri Lumm of Buzz60 shares some.


Davies said that “for skeptics in both the past and the present, the house was the center of hauntings since it was where people slept, dreamed and of the dead or where they lay drunk, drugged, or hallucinating at their sick beds.”

Homes sometimes attract a reputation of housing phantom residents because they are left empty for long periods.

Davies explained that the idea was that external forces could infiltrate human spaces if they were occupied by people.

He said, “Perhaps there was a mysterious gang, but also maybe supernatural visitors such as witches or boggarts.” “Some houses were abandoned because they were believed to have been haunted.”

Although haunted houses were a part of history for centuries, they have become a popular attraction in recent years.

According to the Smithsonian article, haunted houses were first created in London in the 19th century. The public was then exposed to new entertainment options, including creepier exhibits.

According to the article, Marie Tussaud displayed wax decapitated figures of French notables, including Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI, Robespierre, Marat, and Robespierre, in 1802.

These were frighteningly true figures because Tussaud had made death masks for real people after they were put under the guillotine. According to National Geographic, the display was called “Chamber of Horrors” and has remained so.

The eerie attractions started to develop around the globe as time passed. Under Max Maurey’s leadership, performance art was made at The Grand Guignol, France in the early 20th Century.

“He (Maurey), measured the success of play by how many people fainted during its performance and, to attract publicity to the theater, hired a doctor to treat more fainthearted spectators,” stated the theater website.

In the United States, in the Great Depression parents started to set up haunted houses. The idea was to keep their sons from getting too rowdy during the holiday, which could turn into quite rowdy.

According to Smithsonian, it became part of Halloween culture over time and was popularized by Disney.

Are you afraid of the supernatural?

The decision to endure as a visitor is split categorically. There are haunted homes that are specifically made to scare visitors and others in which something sinister lurks on its own.

Many haunted houses that are open to the public have been reported to have experienced paranormal activity over decades.

For example, the Winchester Mystery House is located in San Jose, California. It is open all year.

Sarah Winchester, the heir to the Winchester Repeating Arms fortune built the 160-room mansion with strange features, including doors that open into walls, and staircases that lead up to the ceiling. The mystery does not end there.

Walter Magnuson (general manager at Winchester Mystery House) stated that guests, employees, and paranormal investigators have all experienced strange phenomena, including hearing voices, footsteps, cold spots, and voices.

Magnuson stated that they have reported sightings even of the “Wheelbarrow Ghost”, which they believe to be a worker on this estate.

Attractions like Statesville Haunted Prison, Lockport, Illinois are designed to terrorize anyone who enters.

General manager Kaity SiegelGrimmenga stated that the (fictional) haunted prison is open until Nov. 2. It is not for children or the weak.

She explained that Statesville leads you through the darkest chambers of the evilest creatures ever held captive.

The tour lasts about an hour and features over 175 “prisoners” who live in 40 rooms. They “attack you at every step.”

There are many types of haunted houses. Some have different monsters, characterizations, and themes. Others rotate the theme that the attraction has, sometimes even annually.

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