Review Of Polka Audio Signa S2 Audio System

Let us be fair. When there’s 1 thing that most these new sexy apartment TVs have in standard now is that if it has to do with their sound performance objects can be clarified as unsatisfactory at best.

These slender layouts just do not leave much space for manufacturers to make use of any sort of sound system which could offer exactly what is clarified as immersive sound operation. This means you have two options, either to proceed for the whole dedicated sound installation or move for a sound-bar.

However, you need to not worry as inside our Polk Audio Signa S2 inspection we’ll have a review of some sound-bar that claims to offer you the type of performance that’s much superior to any television may perform along with this all without breaking an arm and a leg.

Polk Audio can be a famous and commendable brand in terms of music equipment and whether they’ve established their fare share of superior high quality services and products they have been also rather famous in their budget-friendly kinds which possess the quality of not undermining their performance by using their own competitive prices. 1 product claims to function as Signa S2 sound-bar that will be their most recent offering at the Signa show and an immediate successor to the preceding Signa s-1 sound-bar.

This little 2.1 stations sound-bar which arrives at a combo using an invisible sub-woofer and costs only $200 promises are the ideal entry-level sound system for everybody who does not wish to devote alot on a costly machine but still desire something a lot better than that which their apartment television cando. However, even when you’re not confined by funding however, your room space isn’t the perfect among the Signa S2 has such a tiny footprint that can fit nearly anywhere.

Considering there are so many lowcost soundbars on the industry now does the Signa S2 handles to really make a gap or the low price has a damaging influence on its operation and at the ending becomes lost one of your rivalries? Keep on reading our inspection to learn.

While Polk Audio nowhere formally claims the number of stations that the Signa S2 supports it’s pretty clear that we have been speaking of a 2.1 stations sound-bar and as this package involves the simple apparatus together side an invisible subwoofer.

It appears that if Polk Audio designed the Signa S2 ensured to preserve the very minimal priced an initial priority and also this reflects on the plan upon original appearance. Adhering to a comparatively straightforward design with light curves and also a great deal of vinyl that the Signa S2 isn’t the type of sound-bar which is that which we call attention-catching and can probably go undetected in you press room. The front face is coated completely out of a darkened grille that goes at the top side covering nearly 1 / 2 it too. At top of the other thing, we all receive is five circular bodily buttons providing probably the standard of purposes.

While many soundbars supply some type of visual presentation at the front as a way to supply the user using some type of visual affirmation of the orders the very minimal price tag of this Signa S2 supposed we might need to count upon a more straightforward kind with the Polk Audio alternatively of a display uses five LED lights onto the guts of the face so as to offer us a concept of particular functions such as which input signal is used, if blue tooth loading is empowered or if you’re correcting the voice.

Clearly this isn’t the most effective since you don’t have any sign of the amount constraints so that you never understand just how much higher you will proceed but we may not have everything within this price we assume.

On the front face, there isn’t anything else available anyhow by the Polk logo on the ideal side. On the rear, we now get yourself a limited quantity of straps in spite of the fact that you will find even special holes as a way to wall-mount it if you prefer. Still another thing that we ought to mention is that additional bigger soundbars due for their size that they pay exactly the IR detectors of the television making their positioning a little debatable.

That is why that they will have to count on IR repeaters which can be situated in their rear as a way to relay the signal to the television. This isn’t just an issue here since the minimal profile of this sound-bar makes placement it before almost any television easy without blocking the television IR signal which makes the demand for IR repeaters un-necessary that have a positive effect on the purchase price.

Generally that the Polk Audio Signa S2 can be actually just really a minimal-priced sound-bar also it has price reflects upon it has looked. It isn’t anything bad or something, but do not be prepared to be wowed with it once you glance at it.

Employing egg-shaped drivers might mystery some but remember that Polk Audio promotes this sound-bar because a very low profile one thus employing this particular type has been a requisite since they might need to make use of small ones should they’d go for around kinds which might have an additional negative influence on the soundbar’s performance.

The subwoofer across the flip side utilizes front shooting 5.25″ (165mm) motorist which is coated from the non-removable grille and while that is somewhat on the smallish side it manages to provide enough punch everything considered.

Polk Audio nowhere cites the entire power on the manual or in their internet site that’s somewhat head-scratching but we’ve noticed a few other manufacturers too that want never forgetting.


Remember that low price is first-priority so do not expect anything fancy in this aspect. Even therefore Polk Audio did figure out how to generate some developments in contrast to this Signa s-1 with the addition of an HDMI interface with ARC functionality. HDMI is arguably the most widely used interface in the present home theatre equipment therefore having at least one looked absolutely essential and Polk Audio did give us.

Aside from this, we get an AUX 3.5millimeter miniature jack in addition to an electronic Optical input signal. All three vents are on an inset on the left aspect of their sound-bar even once we all glance at it from underneath. Last but most certainly not least we ought to mention there is really just a USB interface that’s on underneath side however that sounds to be properly utilized just for service whilst the sound-bar does not have all types of USB streaming capabilities.

The Signa S2 even offers wireless capabilities by encouraging Bluetooth streaming but regrettably, there isn’t any wi-fi supported.

With this kind of a budget-friendly sound-bar control, options are extremely small and extremely basic. The buttons at top of the most important human body provide a fast method of powering on/off, selecting an input signal, allowing blue tooth and commanding volume. Very basic like most of the incorporated switches are but that they have the work finished.

The five circular switches are physical kinds of course and even though they have a clicky texture when pressed they aren’t as loudly to be bothering that we absolutely enjoyed.

The other manner and usually one you will mostly use could be that the included remote also to be rather fair it really is the average in the top. Generally the remote is pretty small rendering it easy to grip and push all switches together with one hand however it’s a certain inexpensive turn for it. There aren’t a lot of purposes on the sound-bar and therefore the range of switches needed may also be rather limited. At the top, we possess the capability and mute switches under there are 3 buttons so as to pick the input signal.

Two buttons are for restraining the amount in addition to the bass next we capture three buttons for different ways you can select based on this material you see like music or movies as a Night Mode can also be available once you never want to disturb others during sleep. Finishing we receive three buttons that adapt three distinct heights of voice. The reason why we want three distinct buttons for that is outside us since a plus/minus button can also do exactly the exact very same. But let us leave it at this.

The buttons have the customary rubber feeling in their mind however, this indicates they are less responsive as we’d really like. More than we had to push button in order to enroll our control also while it wasn’t such a massive problem it’s something which ought to really be mentioned.

If it comes to features the Signa S2 is surprisingly simple and simple rendering it well suited for anybody who does not wish to work using lots of sound characteristics that can be intended to the more technology-savvy kinds.

To start with there was certainly blue tooth wireless streaming, meaning you are able to stream music in the smartphone, tablet computer or any Bluetooth enabled device to the Signa S2. The approach is fast, easy, and simple since the pairing is done with no issue, and connection throughout our evaluations has been very stable.

While other soundbars offer an extensive selection of music styles and sound calibration features here matters couldn’t be clear and simple to comprehend. The Signa S2 supplies you with just two manners you can utilize either for Films or for Music. Each switch on the remote changes the EQ preferences of this sound-bar so as to offer a far greater acoustic response in each circumstance. It mightn’t be simpler than that really don’t you agree?

There’s also a Nighttime Mode comprised and this will be to decrease the bass whilst fostering the dialog without needing to switch the master volume. In this way, you are able to see a picture in the night without bothering anybody sleeping in-home while making it effortless for one to know all dialogues and listeners.

And since we discuss dialog Polk Audio advertises a-lot their Voice Fix technology that’s comprised using the Signa S2 by providing three distinct degrees of modification. Of course, that is really just a personal thing but with tried three degrees we’ve all saw that the next for somewhat surplus and distorting the sound significantly more than that which we’d really like in the end we all settled to its moderate atmosphere that looked to deliver the larger balance.

The only additional modification you may perform this as much as the sound is at the bass. By the remote, you’ll be able to get a grip on exactly how much bass you prefer fast and easy with all the press of a button. The very first set felt somewhat feeble so that we pushed it two or three notches as a way to feel this additional shake which most of us find joy in.

Last but most certainly not least the Signa S2 has been HDMI-CEC allowed so that in the event you join it to your television through the HDMI interface it’s possible to use it remotely to regulate the sound-bar.


Simplicity may be the key and it seems just like this Polk wanted this sound-bar to be simple as possible to be able to become easy almost for anybody to set it and begin utilizing it in almost virtually no time. The limited quantity of options and features surely help with this as well as when this is the very first sound equipment it willn’t take you longer than just a couple minutes to take it up and working out.

To start with you want to join the Signa S2 for television either through the HDMI or your Digital Optical interface, join both the sound-bar and subwoofer into an electric socket and turn them.

The sound-bar and subwoofer have been all pre-paired from the mill but even for those who have an association problem a push of this button onto the rear of this subwoofer while at the same time pressing on the blue tooth and VOL + to the remote will ensure that the 2 will probably match. Then you turn on the sound-bar and you’re prepared to go. It’s that easy.

The Signa S2 provides fresh significance as to the plug-and-play ways. Clearly you will see individuals who desire more settings and options as a way to enhance the noise like you possibly can but this isn’t the objective of this soundbar. It’s objective is to supply a far greater sound experience without needing to bother yourself using almost any calibrations in any way.

Whenever you hear music or see a picture there are fundamentally 3 buttons you need to presson. Choose the audio style predicated on the material, choose one among these 3 gender fix preferences, and calibrate the bass amount. And that is it. We might be hardcore audiophiles which prefer to be in a position to calibrate each and every component of this noise we hear however, we must admit the ability of ease that the Signa S2 provides.

Clearly being a 2.1 stations setup encircle immersion is guaranteed to be debatable and even though we’ve observed some promotional stuff out of Polk referring to encircle they look careful when doing this. Of course with this type of hardware installment, we all have don’t assume any miracles even though the Signa S2 appears in order to decode 5.1 Dolby Digital signs. However, we’ll see how it’s going to fare at the next evaluations.


The picture we made a decision to test first is the all-time favorite of ours with all the 4K UHD edition of Saving Private Ryan providing the mandatory Dolby Atmos track that’s precisely what we want as a way to push any sort of sound-bar to it has limits.

With all the Signa S2 fundamentally having just 2.1 stations we’re interested to see whether any sort of surround activity could show up and clearly there’s absolutely no superior landscape to take to compared to landing on Omaha beach. Okay, let us take the most obvious taken care of. For this little sound-bar that the Signa S2 appears to pack a punch. Clearly it isn’t supposed to be utilized in huge areas whilst the sound-bar does not always have the essential hardware to encourage that but exactly what it gives all of it so as to supply you with an operation which could surprise you at the start.

Even the sound stage at the front felt filled while it lent a small awareness of expansion beyond the physiological constraints of this sound-bar. After the soldiers get to the shore and the German machine guns rain chaos that the sound-bar managed to replicate all of the sound effects with accuracy and a decent resolution.

This sort of picture clearly favors the low frequencies alot and the subwoofer ensured to shake enough when German artillery shells were bursting. Being fans of bass we all had to up the bass amount somewhat as a way to feel punchy whilst the original atmosphere was somewhat too level to the tastes.

Regrettably, the Signa S2 didn’t supply any sort of environment activity. Even the sound-bar lacks not merely surround speakers but also all kinds of virtual-surround technologies meaning we have been left with a sound stage that required actions entirely in us. This isn’t just a sound-bar which has been supposed to execute good from the environment part of things plus it’s really good that Polk Audio does not advertise this greatly better.

Merely to verify that which we discovered of Saving Private Ryan we changed to a recent film with all the 4K UHD of the bumblebee. There’s loads of activity contained from the Dolby Atmos which includes it and also we have a similar sort of behavior here too.

The leading sound stage felt very full and living, the conversation was really clear and different, and also the consequences never looked to float with all the vocals. However, the minimal side environment effects were wholly absent as well as the same applied to these overhead actions whilst the Atmos impacts we completely lost.

However, that which was in the front people felt excellent especially once you think about this is originating from some sub-$200 sound-bar. Explosions felt menacing while projectile debris laser and falling fire felt alive and reliably replicated.

If you only want to boost your television’s music then you’ll be happily surprised, just do not expect you’ll find the complete sort of immersion which dedicated sound systems may offer and sometimes even various other more complex levels Dolby Atmos and encircle enabled soundbars.


Moving to our new tunes testing we all picked a collection of music paths we streamed during our AV receiver. We can declare we’re astonished by the musicality of this an inexpensive sound-bar. With music that the absence of any sort of surround activity isn’t obvious and maybe here may be the main reason we believe the Signa S2 fared better in this respect.

We tried various monitors with various rhythms and also we have a very good operation. Musical instruments were duplicated with good consent but we believed that the sound-bar needed a minor electronic feel for this. Vocals needed a sharp tone while the settlement was very excellent. Even the subwoofer made a fantastic job with bass but do not expect you’ll push matters as various other bigger subs can.

No matter what type of music we all tried, and we all tried a great deal, we have very good performance with tight mid-century, lovely highs, and highs that are fine. Let us be clear. If you like songs and you’re terrified of it has performed in this respect you shouldn’t since it’ll surely give you hundreds of hours of enjoyment.


After reviewing a sound-bar just such as the Signa S2 you always ought to judge it when compared with its the price since it could be definitely the most essential variable of just harsh it needs to really be scored. For a sound-bar which also comprises a subwoofer that price is mad low especially in the event that you regard that the exact good performance it includes.

The worth of the sound-bar becomes higher in case you regard the simplicity and ease of usage it’s as a plug-and-play solution. Having hardly any options makes matters pretty straightforward during installation but during usage, that’ll make sure be excellent for people who do not want to fool up using numerous preferences till they may calibrate the sound with their gratification.

Alternatively that the sound-bar cuts many corners so as to reach this exceptionally good deal. Build design and quality even though solid, it’s nothing special to chat about while forcing the Signa S2 to exceptionally substantial levels creates the sound-bar reach it’s limited with all the noise just beginning to lose definition.

Additionally, there’s absolutely no surround activity at all in the event that you’d like a sound-bar that may offer encircle immersion you will find different choices to think about. Last but most certainly not least the remote is therefore so as the switches felt somewhat shaky. Additionally, the lack of an integral display on the sound-bar made matters somewhat hard to comprehend the type of control you’ve issued.

Finally we’ll say that in the event that you’re searching to get a dead inexpensive sound-bar that may carry it’s own and become streamlined and user friendly then there’s absolutely no better choice compared to the Polk Audio Signa S2 Review. When we had to clarify this one within only a couple words then it’d unquestionably be called an ideal”budget-friendly casual sound-bar”. Polk understands the viewer that this 1 target for and in this respect they’ve generated a unique offering.

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