These are the Best Valentine’s Day Gifts You Will Love to Share

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. You may feel closer to someone you love after months of being locked down. The gift guide will help you achieve your fantasy. Although you may not be able to live among rolling hills, green grass and the sounds of birds chirping, the best Valentine’s Day gifts will help you feel closer.

Chris Maggio, a New York-based photographer with a knack for capturing surreal moments in everyday life, captured the series. The styling was done by Alexandra Gurvitch at Vogue, who focused on Valentine’s Day gifts you’ll love, so you’ll want them to gift you. Jesse Kaufman designed the set. Shin Arima gave Shin Arima’s buoyant hair and makeup. Even better? All photos were taken by Willow Barret and Eloisa Santos, a real couple. Add something to your shopping bag to transport yourself to some sweet place.

Willow and Eloisa wearing Sleeper Polkadot pajama sets

The sleeper has created a huge pair of pajamas. The sets can be purchased together but they can also be shared: Your loved one could take the top and you can take the bottom. It’s a blissful union, even if you aren’t together. Check out for more –

  • Sleeper Sizeless pajama set
  • Celebrities and civilians love the omnipresent ultra-mini Uggs. These slipper-boots are hard to resist.
  • Ugg Classic Ultra Mini boots
  • Willow in Comme Si boxers. Eloisa in Fleur du Mal triangle bra, panty, and Comme Si socks.
  • Fleur du Mal’s two-piece with floral embroidery is a classic in lacey lingerie. A pair of Comme Si La Boxers will give you true comfort that’s worthy of being lounged in.
  • Fleur Du Mal Violet triangle bra
  • Fleur Du Mal Violet high-waist panty
  • Comme Si La Boxer Classica set
  • For anyone who works from home, over-the-ear headphones should be a necessity. A funky Collina Strada pair with tie-dye prints and noise-canceling technology will transport you to a world of personal bliss.
  • Collina Strada crusher Evo sensory headphones with personal sound
  • Eloisa in Miu Miu sweater, tiered skirt
  • Behold, flowers. This classic bouquet will bring a smile to the face of a loved one and add a charming touch to any room. Urban Stems offers a unique alternative to the traditional bouquet of 12 red roses.
  • Urban Stems are the Majesty
  • Willow in Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s button-down shirt for men.
  • Everyone loves jewelry. Marlo Laz added some style to the diamond necklace by adding a kaleidoscope pendant with swirls of enamel and garnet. It can be worn as a talisman close to your heart.
  • Marlo Laz Tie Dye 14-karat Gold, Enamel, Garnet, and Diamond Necklace
  • Comme des Garcons Rouge will give your day a freshening touch with sweet peppercorns and woody patchouli. Enjoy the fruit of your eyes.
  • Comme des Garcons Rouge eau de parfume
  • Eloisa in Wales Bonner x Adidas jacket & Wales Bonner skirt
  • The red track jacket from Wales Bonner features the designer’s trademark crochet tape. This jacket will become a favorite of your partner, and you might even want to purchase two.
  • Wales Bonner Lovers Rock track top
  • This candy box is art! The chocolates are given a dollop yellow, a tornado pink, and a splash of blue. These 12 delicious treats look just as delicious as they taste.
  • Stick with Me Sweets bonbon package
  • Willow and Eloisa in Marni are ready to wear. Craig Green sneakers for Willow. Eloisa in Prada slingback heels.
  • Matching masks to match hearts. An embrace and a Marni mask with floral prints make it a little sweeter and safer.
  • Marni floral-print face covering
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